How Long To Send Thank You Email After Interview

How Long To Send Thank You Email After Interview. Because it’s an expression of appreciation, courtesy and professionalism. In the world of thank you notes, handwritten and email are both acceptable forms in.

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The only exception is if the interview is on a friday afternoon — then, schedule the email to be sent out first thing monday morning. Don’t send multiple thank you emails. I try for close of business for a morning interview, and by early the next business day for an afternoon interview.

Send The Email Within A Few Hours Of The Interview.

And without question, it is a must after each and every interview. They won’t receive it as soon, because the thank you letter needs to get delivered, but it’s best to send it soon after the interview so the employer receives your note relatively quickly. Yes, you need to write a thank you email after an interview if you want to impress the hiring manager.

The Only Exception Is If The Interview Is On A Friday Afternoon — Then, Schedule The Email To Be Sent Out First Thing Monday Morning.

But don’t send it too quickly. That said, it is advised not to rush it. Besides, should you send a thank you email even if you don’t want the job?

That's Why It's Crucial To Get The Timing Right.

As an email is delivered immediately, you should draft and send it within 24 hours of the phone interview. Send the note within a day or two of the interview. Doing so demonstrates your interest in the job.

In A Post For Business Insider, Liebman Wrote That When She First Started Hiring, She Came Up With “A Simple Rule:

And is a positive reflection of you to an employer. Sending a thank you note any later than that can make it appear that the position and interviewer's time wasn't important enough to warrant a quick email of gratitude. You should send it within 24 hours.

Thank You After Interview Email “Best Practices” Here Are Some General Best Practices For Writing Your Interview Thank You Message:

After reading that email they sent you, you shouldn’t really wait much for sending a thank you email. Ideally, you should send the note immediately after the interview or within one business day. I’ve heard people say they write their notes before their interviews and hit “send” as soon as they get home.