The Beauty and Magical Charm of Besakih Temple

Have you ever stopped in Bali? If you have, you must be aware that there are many temples on the Island of the Gods. Besides being a very popular tourist attraction, the temple there is also still actively used for worshiping the Hindu community, you know.

Besakih Temple, Bali

One of the most famous temples in Bali is Pura Besakih. This temple complex, located in Karangasem Regency, has the status of being the largest temple in the entire Island of the Gods.

As the largest temple in Bali, Pura Besakih is actively used as a religious center for Hindus there. Various forms of tradition and routine ceremonies are held at this location every year. Therefore, it is not surprising that this temple has become a tourist magnet that is never empty of tourists.

One of the most famous ceremonies at Besakih Temple is the Panca Wali Krama Ceremony. This event, which is only held once every ten years, has always been a target for tourists and culture lovers.

In addition to the ceremony, there is also the Eka Dasa Rudra ceremony. However, this one ceremony only takes place once every 100 years! Friends are one of the people who are very lucky to be able to witness the ceremony.

The beauty of Besakih Temple

In addition to the strong Hindu religious nuance, Besakih Temple is also famous for its beauty. The architecture of this temple is even touted as one of the most beautiful in the world, you know.

Inside Besakih Temple, 18 small temples function as companions. The biggest part of this place is Penataran Agung Temple which is right in the middle of the complex.

In total, there are about 200 large buildings within the temple area. To be able to see the beauty of various corners of this place, you must be in super-prime condition, because the distance between the parking lot and the inside of the temple is 300 meters.

Rules for Visiting Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple is indeed open to the public and can be entered by anyone, both foreign and domestic tourists. However, because this location is a place of worship, there are some rules that you must obey.

First, you must wear a Balinese sarong to enter the temple area. You can rent this sarong or buy it around the temple complex at a very affordable price.

Second, women who are menstruating are prohibited from entering the temple area. This rule is absolute and must be obeyed.

Location and Opening Hours of Besakih Temple
If you are interested in stopping by Besakih Temple, just come to Besakih Village, which is located in Rendang District, Karangasem Regency, Bali. This area is one of the highest residential areas in Bali with an altitude of about 3,142 meters above sea level.

This temple is about 2 hours drive from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Because the distance is quite far, you should rent a vehicle to come here.

To be able to go around as much as you like, you have to pay an entrance fee of Rp. 15,000 per person. Friends will also be charged a parking fee of IDR 5000 if you bring a private vehicle.

Oh yes, this temple is open from 08.00 am to 5.00 pm WITA for tourists. If you are a Hindu, you can come whenever you want to worship.

Well, that’s a little explanation about Besakih Temple. Don’t wait long, let’s go to the Island of the Gods to witness the beauty of the temple up close!